R 71

Memory Battery Replacement

The Icom R71 receiver will cease operating if the memory battery fails. A defective memory battery requires the receiver be shipped back to Icom for a new battery and re-programming. We recommend that the memory battery be replaced within 10 years from the last time it was replaced. The replacement battery we install has a higher capacity which means it can be in service for a longer period of time (15-20 years). Replacement of the memory battery requires shipping the receiver to Kiwa.

Memory Battery Replacement $40

Power Supply Upgrade

This upgrade replaces all the capacitors on the Power Supply board with low impedance type Nichicon capacitors. This is recommended as the caps are now "aged".

Power Supply kit $12
Shipping and Handling within the USA $7
Kiwa Installation of the Power Supply Upgrade (includes parts) $45

Audio Upgrade

Kiwa offers an audio upgrade kit to improve the audio quality of the R71 receiver. This receiver has an audio quality that some have described as "whooly" or "muddy" which makes listening difficult for extended periods of time.

The audio upgrade is a kit to replace the capacitors in the audio path with capacitor types that have improved sonic characteristics. The capacitors in both AM and SSB/CW signal paths are replaced. The end result is that consonants like k's or c's and q's will sound sharper with improved detail. This improves the overall intelligibility. The audio upgrade does not eliminate all the distortion because a portion of the audible distortion is created in the mixer stages preceeding the detectors. (Kiwa does not offer a solution for this problem)

The kit comes with complete instructions. Soldering and desoldering experience is required. Approximately 20 capacitors are replaced. No alignment is required after completion. Kiwa also offers an audio upgrade installation if you do not feel comfortable installing the required components.

For more information regarding Kiwa Audio Upgrades - please see Kiwa Audio Upgrades - A Brief History

R71 Audio Upgrade Kit $22.00
Shipping and Handling within the USA $3.00
Installation by Kiwa Electronics (includes components) $70.00
Price does not include return shipping of the receiver.

Filter Option

The stock wide filter (F15) is a Murata CFW455IT. This has a nominal bandwidth of 6 kHz but typically measures closer to 5 kHz BW. Kiwa offers the “Blue Dot” filter that is a direct replacement to the original filter, a pin per pin replacement. This filter will provide more of a Hi-Fi sound.  Installation instructions are included.

Kiwa "Blue Dot" filter (-6 dB BW 6.8 kHz) $20.00

Shipping and Handling within the USA $3.00

Note: only one S&H charge is required when ordering both the audio and filter upgrade.

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