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Audio Upgrade

Kiwa offers an audio upgrade kit to improve the audio quality of the R1000 receiver. The audio upgrade kit replaces capacitors in the audio signal path with types that have improved sonic characteristics. The end result is that consonants like k's, c's and q's will sound sharper with improved definition. This improves the overall intelligibility. The kit comes with instructions. Soldering and desoldering experience is required. No alignment is required after completion. Kiwa also offers installation of the audio upgrade if you do not feel comfortable installing the required components. Please note that the R1000 is one of the more difficult receivers to work on. Access to the main pc board (for both audio and filter upgrades) requires disassembly of the front panel, in addition to unplugging numerous cables.

For more information regarding Kiwa Audio Upgrades - pleas see Kiwa Audio Upgrades - A Brief History

R1000 Audio Upgrade kit $22.00

Shipping and Handling within North America $3.00

Installation by Kiwa Electronics (includes components) $70.00

Price does not include return shipping of the receiver.

Filter Options

The R1000 has exceptionally wide stock filters. The AM Narrow filter is a CFW455HT which measures 8 to as much 12 kHz depending on the production lot and tolerance. The AM Wide filter is a Murata CFW455F which measures 14 to 15 kHz. Kiwa offers several filter options to improve the filter performance. The first is to move the stock AM Narrow filter (CFW455HT) to the AM Wide position. This would provide a "Hi-Fi" bandwidth with excellent fidelity. The narrow filter position could be filled with a Kiwa "Blue Dot" filter (6.5 kHz). The second option would be to install a Kiwa "Blue Dot" filter in the narrow filter position and a 7.5/8.2/10 kHz filter in the wide position. All filters are a pin per pin replacement. Installation instructions are included.

Kiwa "Blue Dot" filter (6.5 kHz) $20.00

 KB4AS (10 kHz) $20.00

Shipping and Handling within North America $3.00

Note: only one S&H charge is required when ordering both the audio and filter upgrade.

Filter Switch Upgrade

The front panel filter switch can be rewired such that the wide and narrow AM filters are normally selected when the buttons are engaged. However, when both buttons are out the filter selected for AM is the SSB (2.7 kHz) filter. This arrangement provides three bandwidths in the AM mode. At this time the Filter Switch Upgrade is only available when sending the receiver to Kiwa.

Filter Switch Upgrade $25.00

Power Supply Upgrade

This upgrade replaces all the electrolytic capacitors on the power supply board. Kiwa offers this upgrade both as a kit and a Kiwa installed upgrade. If you find that the frequency display is intermittent or holds on a particular frequency, it is time to replace the power supply capacitors and resolder the connections on the voltage regulators.

Power Supply Upgrade Kit $15.00 
Kiwa installation of the Power Supply Upgrade - includes parts $35.00

Other R1000 upgrades

1. Kiwa can also improve the sensitivity of the R1000 receiver below 200 kHz (the stock receiver has very poor sensitivity below 200 kHz) 

2. Incandescent lamp replacement. The lamps for the front panel display eventually fail. Kiwa can replace the lamps with LED’s.

Shipping, Contact and Payment Information

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