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Audio Upgrade and Memory Backup

The Audio Upgrade consists of replacing key components in the audio signal path. The end result is an improved clarity to the audio which improves overall intelligibility (consonants like c's, k's and q's have improved definition). This also reduces listening fatigue. The Memory backup requires the installation of a 100,000 uf (0.1 Farad!) capacitor across the AA memory back-up batteries. This allows removal of the AA batteries for up to ten minutes without loss of installed memory information. Complete installation instructions are included.

For more information regarding Kiwa Audio Upgrades- please see Kiwa Audio Upgrades - A Brief History.

Audio and Memory Upgrade kit $22.00

Shipping and Handling within USA $3.00

Please Note: It is only necessary to pay for one Shipping and Handling fee. For example, if the filter kit and Audio/Memory upgrade was purchased, the total Shipping and Handling would be $4.00

Wideband Filter Upgrade

The wideband filter upgrade replaces the wide filter with the Kiwa “Blue Dot” filter.  This filter has a -6 dB bandwidth of 6.8 kHz.  This bandwidth still allows good fidelity while improving selectivity or the ability to reject adjacent frequency interference. The stock wide filer typically measures 9 to 13 kHz depending on the production run. 

WB Filter Shipping and Handling within USA $3.00

Kiwa installed upgrades 

Kiwa would be happy to install any of our performance upgrades. We also perform some repairs. Please call Kiwa to discuss repair issues. Double box the receiver (preferred) and declare full value (insurance). Installation costs are as follows:

Kiwa installation of the Wideband filter (includes filter) $55.00

Kiwa installation of the Audio and Memory Upgrade (includes parts) $62.00

Additional Services

Kiwa can also provide the following for the Sony 2010:

FET Protection Diodes (only required for 2010’s  manufactured before 1990) $15.00

Q3 FET repair (low sensitivity for both the AM BCB and SW bands) $25.00

Repair of the "Error 3" power problem by hard wiring the battery and antenna terminals to the pcb’s.  $25

Sync Detector Alignment $25.00 

Shipping, Contact and Payment Information

Kiwa Electronics

503 7th. Ave. N.E. 

Kasson, MN 55944 USA 
507.634.6134 phone

Last Update Nov.14,  2017