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Capacitor and Audio Upgrade

The PRO 80 (also PRO70) is a popular receiver that now suffers from aging electrolytic capacitors. These receivers were made in the early days of surface mount (SM) components and consequently many now suffer from loss of audio, loss of signal strength or both. Kiwa offers a complete capacitor restoration which includes an audio upgrade. This results in improved audio definition and clarity. Full instructions are included but please note that removal and installation of SM capacitors is difficult without the proper experience and tools (including good eyes!). The capacitor restoration replaces all the electrolytic capacitors. The absolute minimum in tools required should be a very fine tipped soldering iron (temperature controlled), a larger 40 to 60 watt iron (flat blade tipped), needlenose pliers and a magnifying glass.
Capacitor Upgrade Kit $22.00
Shipping and Handling within USA $3.00

If you wish Kiwa to install the Capacitor Upgrade the cost which includes the cost of parts (but not return shipping) is $120.00.

Please Note: As the surface mount electrolytic capacitors age, the rubber seal deteriorates. This creates the condition where electrolyte from the capacitors leaks from the housing onto the pc board and near-by components. The deposited electrolyte may damage the pc traces. We routinely scrub the pc traces with solvent before new caps are installed. Another potential problem we see more often is when the caps have internally shorted burning up small coils and transformers. When the cap shorts a DC voltage is applied across the coil/transformer burning up the extremely fine wires. Our success rate in restoring PRO80's we receive at Kiwa is 85% to 90% due to burned up coils and transformers. Sony replacement parts are not available. Kiwa purchased the last remaining parts years ago. However, at times we do have replacements from PRO80's we have on hand "for parts". If they test OK we will proceed with the cap upgrade. Please note that we cannot determine the true condition of the radio until ALL the caps have been replaced. At times there are other issues with the radio that prevents complete restoration. At times the PRO80 may require alignment ($25) due to aging crystals.

PLEASE NOTE: All PRO80's sent to Kiwa for the cap upgrade MUST include a prepayment of $25 to cover the labor for an initial inspection. This prepayment can be in the form of a check, money order or payment via Paypal. If the radio is not capable of being restored, the $25 payment will cover the cost for the inspection and the $25 is non-refundable. If the radio can be restored, the $25 payment will be credited towards the cap upgrade and any other charges.

Filter Upgrade

The stock wide filter (for LW, AM BCB and SW broadcasts) typically measures 8.8 kHz or wider. The shape factor (-60 dB to -6 dB bandwidth ratio) of this filter measures approximately 2.4 to 1. Kiwa offers an improved filter for the stock wide filter.This is called the KBF4AS/PRO 80. We premeasure each filter to insure that the -6 dB bandwidth is within 7.5 to 8.0 kHz. This bandwidth will provide excellent fidelity while providing good attentuation to 5 kHz hetrodynes when listening to SW broadcasts. This filter is not a direct plug-in replacement, so we attach small signal wires of correct length so the filter can be properly installed. (Please note that our other LFH series filters will not fit due to space/height restrictions). The KBF4AS filter has a much better shape factor (typically 1.85) and much better ultimate rejection than the stock filter. Full installation instructions are included.
KBF4AS/PRO80 Filter Upgrade $25.00

If you wish Kiwa to install the filter, the charge for labor is $35.00.

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