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Capacitor Upgrade

The Sony SW1 is a popular receiver that now suffers from aging surface mount electrolytic capacitors. Consequently, this results in a loss of audio, loss of signal strength or both. Another symptom of aged capacitors is a motor-boating sound when the volume is turned up.  The capacitor upgrade replaces ALL the electrolytic capacitors that are prone to fail (or dry-up) with time.

Caveat Emptor... Buyer Beware!  It has come to our attention that an eBay seller is supposedly providing a cap upgrade similar to what we offer for the SW1. We had an opportunity to inspect one of these "repaired" SW1's. To our surprise the repair replaced only TWO capacitors and the values installed were incorrect. A 100uf and 33uf cap was replaced with 22uf capacitors. None of the remaining surface mount caps were replaced. To assure long term longevity these other caps MUST be replaced. The Kiwa cap upgrade replaces ALL the failed electrolytic capacitors. (NOTE: These aged, dryed up caps will never measure their original values and their values decrease over time. ie a 100uf cap may measure 30-40uf, a 47uf cap may measure 10uf) We also clean the pcb from all deposited electrolyte that may damage the traces or other components in the future. We also check alignment of the 2nd oscillator.

Please Note: the capacitor upgrade is only available at this time by sending the SW1 to Kiwa. The capacitor replacement is difficult due to the small components and the extremely tight component layout.The price includes the cost of the parts.

Capacitor Upgrade $75.00

Shipping costs will depend on destination and how it was boxed.

External Antenna Jack Upgrade

This upgrade rewires the Record Output Jack so it can be used as an External Antenna Jack. A short length of wire of 4 to 5 feet ( 1 to 2 meters) connected to the "tip" side of the miniature headphone plug will substantially improve signal strength when receiving Shortwave or FM signals. This upgrade is especially helpful if the whip antenna has been damaged or broken.

External Antenna Jack Upgrade $10.00

LED Replacement

Replacement of the green display LED with a different color (blue, white, yellow, red, amber) 

LED Replacement $15.00

Shipping, Contact and Payment Information

Kiwa Electronics

503 7th. Ave. N.E. 

Kasson, MN 55944 USA 
507.634.6134 phone

Last Update Nov.14,  2017