Grundig S350 / S350DL

Filter Uprade

The Grundig S350/S350DL (also manufactured as the Tecsun BCL2000) is a sensitive AM/FM/SW multiband receiver that is best known for it's AM BCB performance. Unfortunately, the filters for wide and narrowband have rather poor ability to reject adjacent frequency interference.

Technical Note #1:

The quality to reject adjacent frequency interference is known as selectivity and it is measured by the filter's Shape Factor and Ultimate Selectivity. We found that is was not possible to measure shape factor with most S350/S350DL stock filters (100% of the time with the Wide filter and some of the time with the Narrow filter) because the measurement requires a minimum of -60 dB filter rejection. The Ultimate selectivity measured as poor as -28 dB with the Wide filter. When it was possible to measure -60 dB with the Narrow filter we found that the Shape Factor was typically 2.6 to 1.0 (-60 to -6 dB bandwidth ratio).

Technical Note #2:

The Kiwa filters will typically have a Shape Factor 1.8 to 1.0 for a -60/-6 dB BW ratio and Ultimate Selectivity of better than -60 dB.

Grundig S350/S350DL Hi-Fi Filter Kit $40.00
This filter kit includes the Kiwa "Blue Dot" Narrow filter (6.8 kHz BW) $20 and the 455G filter (9 kHz BW)

Shipping and Handling within USA $3.00

Installation by Kiwa Electronics (filter kit labor only) $40.00
Individual filters may be purchased. Single filter installation $35.00


The S350/S350DL has the potential to be an excellent sounding portable. The Kiwa Audio Upgrade provides the "final touch" to make this receiver a great sounding portable, especially if the Hi-Fi Filter kit is installed. The Audio Upgrade replaces key components in the audio signal path providing enhanced clarity and intelligibility. Consonants like c's, q's, and k's will sound sharper. The audio will also have an improved dynamic sound quality. The Audio Upgrade will enhance the audio for all bands AM/FM/SW.

For more information regarding Kiwa Audio Upgrades - please see Kiwa Audio Upgrades - A Brief History

Grundig S350 Audio Upgrade $18.00
Grundig S350DL Audio Upgrade $18.00
Shipping and Handling within USA $3.00

Note: Only one shipping charge required for both the filter and audio upgrade.Kiwa installation of the Audio Upgrade (labor only-does not include cost of audio kit) $35.00

Kiwa installation of the Filter and Audio Upgrades (labor only-does not include cost of parts)*Package Price* $60.00

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