ATS 909 / RS DX398

Audio and Tuning Knob Upgrade

The audio upgrade requires the replacement of key components in the audio signal path. The end result is that the overall sound quality has better clarity. Consonants like c's, k's, q's have improved definition which improves intelligibility. Full instructions are included.

Please Note: This upgrade is not difficult to install, however this should not be the first time using a soldering iron. If you feel uncomfortable about the installation, or cannot find a qualified technician to install the upgrade, then we suggest you send the receiver to Kiwa for installation.

ATS909/DX398 Audio Upgrade $22.00
Shipping and Handling within North America $3.00

Kiwa installed ATS909/DX398 Audio upgrade (includes parts) $60.00

Tuning Knob Upgrade

The Tuning Knob Upgrade removes the detent to the tuning knob. This provide a smooth analog feel to the frequency tuning. We only offer this upgrade by sending the receiver to Kiwa.

Tuning Knob Upgrade $25.00

LED Replacement

Kiwa can replace the color of the LCD backlighting LED's. We offer yellow, amber, blue and white. The blue LED's are probably the best looking, while the white LED's are the brightest.

LED Replacement $18.00

For more information regarding Kiwa Audio Upgrades - please see Kiwa Audio Upgrades - A Brief History

Speaker Replacement

 If the volume of your receiver is low and the audio distorted with a crackling or buzzing type sound, the speaker needs to be replaced. Over the years we have supplied thousands of these speakers to replace defective speakers. Our main distributor no longer carries this specific size speaker. However, we have been able to purchase a limited quantity of replacement speakers from a different source. These speakers are manufactured from a different company than the original and have the same basic specifications.

DX398 / ASTS909 Replacement Speaker $8

Shipping within the USA $8

Kiwa installation of the replacement speaker (includes the cost of the speaker but not return shipping of the receiver) $20

Shipping, Contact and Payment Information

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