Audio Upgrade

Kiwa offers an audio upgrade kit to improve the audio quality of the FRG-100 receiver. The audio upgrade kit replaces capacitors in the audio signal path with types that have improved sonic characteristics. The end result is that consonants like k's, c's, and q's will sound sharper with improved definition. This improves intelligibility. The kit comes with instructions. Soldering and desoldering experience is required. No alignment is required after completion. Kiwa also offers installation of the audio upgrade if you do not feel comfortable installing the required components.(Please note: This is an expanded version of our original audio upgrade kit.)

FRG-100 Audio Upgrade $20.00

Shipping and Handling within North America $3.00

Kiwa installation of the audio upgrade kit (cost includes components but not return shipping) $50.00

For more information regarding Kiwa Audio upgrades - please see Kiwa Audio Upgrades - A Brief History

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